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Bullies Down Under

American Staffy pups for sale.

Welcome to Brutal Bullies Down Under we are a bully type American Staffordshire breeder located on the Gold Coast Qld Australia 

We have searched the globe spending alot of time and effort importing bloodlines to produce unique quality dogs with the bully type characterisitics which we personally prefer to breed. Our dogs are bred for sound temperament, quality and size.

A bully type american staffy has unique characteristics they are quite calm and easy going compared to the original terrier type. If you search around you will find there are alot of amstaffs around which are  very big, very tall and lanky. I have selectively bred to avoid this tall lanky look. My dogs are thick set with a stocky  build, solid square head, square muzzel, wide chest and look very strong and impressive for their size. This breed is a powerful breed and you need to be firm with training from a young age. They are extremely loyal and can be quite human like in personality. They do well growing in a family environment and thrive on your attention. These dogs will do anything to please you and when given attention they learn quite quickly. The american staffy is a dog which will be extremely loyal to family members, loves to be social with friends and other animals although they will not hesistate to protect you or your family should a threatening situation arise. If you dont have the time to spend with and care for your dog this breed may not be for you as the american staffordshire should be known for the great family dog they truly are. It is irresponsible owners which have given the breed the wrong impression and when owning an american staffy you will be owning a loyal companion who will never be forgotten and stand by you for life.

We also breed french bulldogs which are a joy to own. They are little clowns and make you laugh daily. With such personality and characteristics I would recommend a frenchie to any home from a single owner to a large family. Most owners do not stop at one frenchie as they are quite a addictive little breed. Easy to socialise and make friends where ever you go. They can be quite stubborn at times although this stubborness is what gives them such a unique personality.

Our british bulldogs are from imported bloodlines all over the world. We have chosen to import to keep the true british bulldog type as it has become quite hard to find within australia. Our bulldogs are laid back personality and love to just be where you are. Whether they are snoring away on your couch next to you or looking at you with those almost human like eyes they are just a pleasure to own. They require little exercise and thrive off your attention. Once u own a bulldog you will never have a dull moment, they love to make you laugh. Their just so lazy and loving, which is perfect for an indoor environment.

For more information please feel free to email us on brutalbullies@hotmail.com or call me on
0406 082 377


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